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Building & Renovation Plans & Consent process in Rotorua

Maddin Building Solutions are on hand to provide advice right from the ideas stage of a project to completion. If you would like some basic information about consent-able works, then the following details from the Rotorua Lakes Council are useful.

Below is also a section outlining the process for having plans drawn.

Rotorua Lakes Council

While considering any work to a property it is prudent to determine whether the work will require consent.  We can advise on this but the Rotorua Lakes Council do also have good references to this on their website. Below are two links that will be helpful:

Rotorua Lakes Council - Building and resource consents

Rotorua Lakes Council - Exempt Work

Residential Plan Services

While we will happily work with a property owners own Architect, we are also able to offer an 'ideas through to final sign off' service in conjunction with Kerry & Karen Tuck at Residential Plan Services.

Kerry is a Licensed Building Practitioner (Design two, Site two, and Carpentry) and has spent over 40 years working in the building industry, primarily in home building and renovations. 

Residential Plan Services also undertake shop and office designs, school refits and alterations, along with, industrial and farm building design.

For more information please visit their website: www.planservices.co.nz

Generally the process for having plans undertaken is as follows:

  • Architect will meet with the owner (and often our office too), will put a quote together for their work and present to the owner.

  • Once the quote is accepted concept plans are drawn and presented.

  • Once full plans are complete they are sent to council.

  • Once plans have been accepted by council the building quotation can be undertaken.

  • Often we can start some of the pricing process based on the pre-council approved plans however this is not always possible.

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